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Learning Through Illustrations

Learning Through Illustrations
Caring for the world around us

The Farmer Series teaches simple life lessons to kids, that the world around them needs caring for. The books provide a practical demonstration of that.

Learning to read

The flow, repitition and simple language make The Farmer Series a great book for ages 4 to 6, or bedtime stories for children 0 - 4.

Where does food come from

To a growing number of children, food comes from a supermarket or worse, from the kitchen cupboard. The Farmer Series teaches kids that food comes from farms, and the role of farming in society.

Hear from Luke

Straight from the author. Why a corporate IT manager took up writing childrens books.

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Luke is a soon to be Dad. He is known for a good story, and never lets facts ruin a good yarn. On learning of the news of his pending fatherhood, it quickly dawned on him that he added no value to decisions on parms, nappies, or clothing, but wanted to contribute and get involved. So, blending his passion for berry farming, stroytelling adn the odd bit of project management, Luke began writing The Farmer and The Tree on a weekend away in the Southern Highlands south of Sydney Australia.



Nicola is an Illustrator and Animator with a love for cats and potatoes. She has recently become a new mum and is based in Perth, Western Australia. Her passion is Illustration and something she has enjoyed since she was a child where she used to draw elaborate underwater scenes with her Dad. Nicola now focuses on digital artwork and some traditional work.